Halchimy, more than a watch


A modular watch in less than 10 seconds

Thanks to its revolutionary “bracelug” interchangeability system, it has never been easier for the Halchimyste to change the design of its watch. In less than 10 seconds!

Design, between tradition and modernity

Swinging between classic and modern, the design of our frames reflects our identity. Our frames are binded each time with a new modular "bracelug", allowing the Halchemyst to customize his watch as he wishes.

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Confection and assembly

Faced with a modern design that distinguishes us from the watchmaking tradition, Halchimy makes a point of manufacturing its watches in strict accordance with the immutable watchmaking know-how. Thus, the manufacturing process takes place in two stages. The transformation of materials is carried out in Switzerland, a territory renowned worldwide for its know-how, while the assembly of components is carried out in France, in Besançon. Two ancestral know-how used for a same cause, the creation of the Halchimy.

Franco-Swiss Excellence


Besançon, Heart of watchmaking industry

Known as the capital of French watchmaking at the 1860 World Fair, Besançon remains today one of the most important strongholds of watchmaking in Europe. Making the most of the heritage of its neighbour Switzerland, the city prospers with numerous watch workshops that shape the frames of the biggest brands. Through our Halchimy watches, we are proud to perpetuate this ancestral know-how

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